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  1. 1984 Coupe
    A Sad Day
    Tracker Updated: 3/19/2003
    Gallery Updated: 3/25/2004
  2. 1985 GT
    Bringing it home...
    Tracker Updated: 3/25/2004
    Gallery Updated: 3/25/2004
  3. 1986 SE
    I know, I know...
    Tracker Updated: 3/29/2005
    Gallery Updated: 3/26/2004
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Spring Cleaning - And Repairs

      Spring is here (kinda) and I'm doing some spring cleaning. Currently I am working on a redesign of FieroJoe's garage, but more visible than that right now is FieroJoe's BackYard Mods has gone away! I moved the contents of FieroJoe's BackYard Mods into the "How-To's" section. FJBYM and the How-To's were almost identical, so I just merged the two. There will be more spring cleaning on the way, but for now, enjoy those How-To's! And as always, if you have a How-To that you are looking to put somewhere, let me know! I have room.

UPDATE 03/10/2004:       For some reason, half of the myths page stopped working. I'm pretty sure it broke somewhere around the time of our infamous 2 weeks of down time, but nevertheless, it is all working again! So feel free to browse and add to your heart's content!

UPDATE 03/11/2004:       Today I added the 22P to the Downloads section under the Technical Documents category. I know it's available on other sites as well, but the more the merrier! I have also added another block to the right to show you the latest headlines on the page.
MORE:       I have rewritten the feedback to be totally on-line. If you want to leave some feedback, just fill out the form and away it goes. You can check your feedback right on-line to see if someone has responded, and when we do you will receive an email to let you know.
EVEN MORE:       Looking back on the links section, I think the layout may have been a little confusing. I originally only displayed the first 3 subcategories, and I think people were getting the idea those were the only ones there. So to make things more clear, I have removed the 3 sub category limit so you can see all of the links categories right on the main links page.


FieroJoe's VIN Decoder

      Have you ever wanted to know if your VIN number meant anything? Well now you can check, with FieroJoe's VIN Decoder! The decoder not only tells you what your VIN number says, but it also performs a "Check Digit" test to make sure your VIN is correct. Click on the "More Info..." link once you run your VIN to find out little tid bits of information on how the VIN number works. This decoder will ONLY work on Fieros though, so keep that in mind.

Yet another new module

      Hey guys, I added something new in today. It's still kinda in the works, but check it out and let me know what you think. It's the Web Tools, and enclosed will be little tools to help you along with your car. Currently, I only have a Speed Calculator in it, but let me know what you think.

      UPDATE: I am sorry to inform everyone that their Fieros will no longer do 300 to 400 MPH. The bug in the software has been found and fixed.

      ANOTHER UPDATE: The speed calculator has been upgraded! It now will let you enter your tire width in inches, let you re-calculate your speed without plugging all the numbers back in, and it will tell you how fast you are going in Kilometers Per Hour, for our pretty much everyone except American Friends.

      - FieroJoe

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