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1985 GT: Silver Streak
Owner: Holly Perkins
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March 25th, 2004, 8:38PM
Bringing it home...
     On March 21, 2004, myself (Holly), Luke (my boyfriend), and Chris ("The Incredible Bulk"), borrowed Luke's Dad's big red truck, and went to the U-Haul center in Akron.  We picked ourselves up a flatbed trailer, only to take a trip to AutoZone (hiss) because U-Haul, being a towing and moving company, didn't carry a 2 inch hitch ball for a 1 1/4 inch shank....dummies... Autozone didn't have one either, so we bought one that worked.  After that slight detour, we were on our way, battling the Ohio weather (snow of course, on the first day of Spring also). So anyways, we get there, and this horrible looking purple jeep thing is parked on the street, so of course, good luck turning the trailer into the driveway.  After getting lost through suburbia turning around, we get into the driveway. I get to be the lucky one to sit in the car and steer the thing up there.  Everyone else pushes and when it's all said and done, I have to climb out through the sunroof because the door won't open enough for me to slide out.  Later we notice that the fender of the trailer tilts down for that very reason.  We say our thanks to Robert Lisy, and $900 later we are off to Subway for a bite to eat.  We get to take up like 30 parking spots, and then we are off to good old Burton City.  She now resides in my driveway, awaiting a fuel pump.  We just bought a battery today, so I have lights, but the headlights won't flip up, no big deal, I don't need them now anyways.  Once the funds roll in and Mother Nature decides to quit playing games, we will get her running, but for now, at least she looks fast in the driveway... 
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