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  1. 1984 Coupe
    A Sad Day
    Tracker Updated: 3/19/2003
    Gallery Updated: 3/25/2004
  2. 1985 GT
    Bringing it home...
    Tracker Updated: 3/25/2004
    Gallery Updated: 3/25/2004
  3. 1986 SE
    I know, I know...
    Tracker Updated: 3/29/2005
    Gallery Updated: 3/26/2004
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1984 Coupe "Mel"
Owner: blok_underground679
Content last updated: 3/19/2003
Gallery last updated: 3/25/2004

1985 GT "Silver Streak"
Owner: Holly Perkins
Content last updated: 3/25/2004
Gallery last updated: 3/25/2004

1986 SE "Black Beauty"
Owner: blok_underground679
Content last updated: 3/29/2005
Gallery last updated: 3/26/2004
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