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  1. 1984 Coupe
    A Sad Day
    Tracker Updated: 3/19/2003
    Gallery Updated: 3/25/2004
  2. 1985 GT
    Bringing it home...
    Tracker Updated: 3/25/2004
    Gallery Updated: 3/25/2004
  3. 1986 SE
    I know, I know...
    Tracker Updated: 3/29/2005
    Gallery Updated: 3/26/2004
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Are you double-clutching your titanium valve springs?
And other Go-Fast myths...

The Go-Fast Myths Database

    Welcome to the all new Go-Fast Myths database. Inspired by the wonderful and all-inclusive movie, The Fast and the Furious, we here at felt it necessary to make clear the certain limitations of engines, cars, and over all "Street Language." We also have every intention of spoiling all of the "Rice Boy's" fun, by presenting life at 190MPH, the way it really is. So let's get on with the Myths!

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